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  • Consultancy Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workshop Design
  • Workshops
  • Developing Facilitators

Mining Talent:

  • Offers knowledge and consultancy services for the private, public and voluntary sectors.
  • Works in close partnership with clients to deliver practical and effective solutions in building inclusion and embracing diversity
  • Has the expertise to design and deliver compact, highly focussed training interventions that reflect an organisation’s values, goals and objectives.


Strategic Planning  

Leaders often recognize the benefits that diversity and inclusion will bring them but may be more challenged by devising longer term strategies that go beyond legal compliance. 

Mining Talent will:

  • Work in collaboration with leadership to run a health check across the organisation The Diversity Continuum (click for PDF)
  • Help to devise a framework to support and sustain the diversity work           
    The Diversity Framework (Click for PDF)
  • Facilitate workshops to communicate the diversity framework and begin the engagement with stakeholders

Workshop Design

Mining Talent:

  • Recognises the importance of communication and education in implementing and embedding a diversity strategy
  • Constructs designs that go beyond stating legal compliance and raising awareness 
  • Delivers workshops that accommodate  a variety of learning styles, stimulate discussion and promote understanding. 
  • Give delegates the opportunity to explore their own personal identity in relation to the perspectives of others
  • Encourages internal reflection that will lead to action.
  • Focuses on respect for difference and defining acceptable behaviour in the workplace and in society today.

Workshops currently available

Organisational DNA:  Building a diversity framework
Integration is the key to success in delivering a diversity agenda. So why not learn how to bring all your objectives and actions around diversity into one comprehensive framework that shows internal and external audiences what an inclusive culture means for your organisation.  
Developing a diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace
Working in your organisation on a daily basis – what does it look like?  How does it feel?  Learn how to make the most of the talent and skills you already have in house and help your managers maximise the potential of all your employees.  
Working across national cultures
A smile is one of the few forms of non-verbal expression that has the same meaning all over the world.  True  or  false?
Find out the answer to this question and many others and explore the challenges around ‘doing business’ in cross cultural, multi lingual environments.
Creating a faith and culture friendly teaching and learning environment
Do your teaching and learning styles and your classroom practice truly reflect the needs of your students in terms of differences in faith and culture?  Are your case studies global in content and location?  Are you able to differentiate between reticence, respect and religion?  Learn how to create an inclusive culture in your classroom.
Over here from over there? (US and UK specific)
Is there a ‘special relationship’ or is it more a case of we speak the same language, sort of …… but there the similarities end?  Separated by the Atlantic – we can build bridges for two way traffic – learn how to adjust your business culture whether you are over here or over there.
Appreciating  Religious Diversity and developing a Faith friendly Culture
How do you balance the needs and requirements of believers and non believers in your organisation?  Can you identify the contribution that a greater awareness around faith and belief will make to building inclusive team working?  Build your knowledge and competency in addressing challenges around developing a faith friendly work culture.  
Women and Men in Leadership – a balanced workplace
Three white men run for Prime Minister, interviewed by three white men.  Two white men in charge, four of the xx cabinet members are women, one unelected – 2010 in the UK.  Do women not want to be there?  Are the men knowingly or unknowingly keeping them out?  Will it ever change?  Learn about the barriers for men and women in the workplace; how can you develop a workplace that more accurately reflects the world in which we live and where women and men have an equal chance to share leadership responsibilities and challenges.   
Generational differences can make a difference
Plugged in, tuned out, game on.   We are in an era where young people live two lives simultaneously – their virtual life and their real life.  Are you ready for the challenge of managing this duality in your workforce? Learn how, as we live longer, work longer, do we match the needs and experience of the ‘silverbacks’ in the organisation while maintaining a viable pipeline for younger talent?  
Diversity – what’s that then?
How do you sell the inclusion message in the volunteering world? Can you help your volunteers understand that diversity is aligned with the organisational aims and it is linked to their particular volunteering role.  How do you keep them up to date with current trends and thinking?  Use our awareness raising material to build volunteer knowledge, understanding and skills in diversity and inclusion.  
Appreciating Religious Diversity and Counteracting Discrimination

How do you develop an appreciation for the complexity and richness of religious diversity?
How do you facilitate dialogue and enable people to recognise contemporary manifestations of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination related to religion.  Explore methods to develop skills and strategies to create an inclusive environment that embraces faith and culture.

This course uses some materials produced by CEJI (A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe), a small NGO based in Brussels and working across Europe.  Mining Talent is currently planning to develop workshops on Challenging Anti Semitism and on Challenging Islamophobia which will also incorporate materials produced by CEJI. 

Developing diversity facilitators                       

Mining Talent recognises that in order to sustain diversity strategies today, organisations benefit from having a cohort of in house facilitators who can deliver education programmes and take action to maintain momentum, keeping people interested and engaged.  These may be educators delivering training or ambassadors delivering tailored messages through a variety of communication channels.    

Diversity and Inclusion communication and training workshops involve sensitive and challenging discourse so facilitators need to be continually working on their own awareness as well as keeping up with changes in legislation and current trends.  Mining Talent offers a comprehensive education experience to equip diversity facilitators to deliver in house experiences and to meet continuing demands.

Coaching and developing these facilitators is part of an ongoing service offering.

A typical accreditation will consist of the following steps. Developing Diversity Facilitators