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  • Guiding Principles
  • Key Competencies
  • Experience

Guiding Principles

  • Believes we all have more in common between us than we have differences
  • Is dedicated to creating a just and balanced society where everyone is judged on their own merits
  • Celebrates the rich mosaic that a variety of perspectives brings to the table
  • Recognises that organisations and communities that embrace fairness and equality are an achievable goal
  • Encourages people to be efficient and effective without sacrificing the right to be compassionate and kind
  • Understands that the ability to rejoice in our own uniqueness is a positive asset in the 21st century


Mining Talent Associates:

  • are subject matter specialists across all the strands in diversity and inclusion
  • can analyse an organisation with a diversity lense to identify opportunities for change
  • have the knowledge and skills to develop the business case for diversity and inclusion in any sector
  • know how to systematically integrate diversity and inclusion into organisations
  • are skilful in developing collaborative relationships with employee and organisational groups
  • are comfortable operating at all levels including Senior Executive and Board level
  • hold an exemplary record for facilitation with a creative approach to curriculum development
  • have extensive experience in coaching and developing Diversity trainers

Principal Associate Sheridan O'Shea: 

  • Has extensive experience in delivering diversity and inclusion projects and training across the private, public and voluntary sectors
  • Is a highly experienced facilitator used to working in teams and in multi faith and multi lingual situations 
  • Has an exemplary record as a designer of train trainer courses and in accrediting trainers
  • Completed a European certification in 2007 in Religious Diversity and a certification in dealing with Islamophobia and Anti Semitism in 2010
  • Is presently, on a voluntary basis, the UK Advisor on Diversity for the Scout Association working with the UK Commissioner and the CEO on the delivery of the diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Click here for CV as PDF